Frequently Asked Questions

What do you make?
I build exchanges. I craft relationships. I offer services that the recipients might not have considered wanting until the gesture is made.  These activities are intended to benefit both parties, and celebrate that exchange.

Why is this art?
I could point to art history and claim that there is a historical precedent for this type of work. But more importantly, Ďartí and Ďartistí are really useful terms for me. They let me tap into a whole slew of feedback, criticism, and support. If you would enjoy this work more if it were not art, please feel free to think of it as such.

Oh, so youíre a performance artist?
While there are performative aspects of my work, I donít call myself a performance artist. Historically performance art focuses attention on the artist/performer; I try to direct the spotlight away from myself and onto the relationships and activities that unfold within each piece.

What do you mean by exchange?
Exchange, defined by Merriam-Webster, is the act of giving or taking one thing in return for another. I began working in this manner, because I became very aware of the investment made by a viewer of an artwork. My work intends not only to make a good return on this investment, but also to highlight and celebrate it.

How do you make a living doing this?
I donít. But I am working on ways to make my practice more economically self-sustaining.

When a person lends an item to another person, it offers the possibility for two gifts. The lender gets to give the item and the recipient also gets to give the item back. Also, good, short domain names are hard to come by these daysóI purchased this one right after Western Samoa released geographic restrictions on .ws domains.

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I have a more traditional artist statement if you're curious and like more verbose explanations.