My Dinner Party


At My Dinner Party I invited five good friends to a home cooked meal of salad, macaroni and cheese (from scratch), salad, rolls, and apple juice. They ate off of cast sugar plates and salt cups, prepared especially for the occasion. We shared the meal family style, so that no one would need to interrupt the meal unnecessarily. As we ate, our dishes dissolved into the food. Within minutes the juice was too salty to drink. The effect of the plates was subtler. Slowly the salad and pasta became increasingly saccharine; unfortunately our drinks offered no relief. The conversation shifted between uneasy small talk, earnest conversation, and direct observations about what our unique dishes were doing to our food. One person tried breaking off bits of their cup to add salt to the macaroni. Another gave up on the meal entirely, and began to eat her plate like a piece of candy instead. My dinner party wasn’t a flop, but none of us went away entirely full.