Artist's Rolls


The Artist’s Rolls exists as a triptych composed of two photographs and one plastic container full of freshly baked dinner rolls on a pedestal. The first photograph (viewable by clicking on the image) depicts The Artist Constructing Her Rolls. In it, a series of three photographs shows my hands mixing, shaping, and baking dinner rolls. The central photograph portrays The Artist’s Rolls in Society. In this sequence, I am wearing a sandwich board in Kennedy Plaza, the central hub for public busses in Providence, distributing two-dozen rolls. The text on the sandwich board reads: Rolls/ Free/ Take One/ My Grandmother’s Recipe. The third 'panel' of the triptych, the container of rolls, remains in the gallery space, and is refreshed daily. Viewers are free to take a roll (like the participants in Kennedy Plaza) or preserve their customary relationship to work on a pedestal.


A detail of any part of the triptych is viewable by clicking on it.