Vacation Surrogate Questionnaire

No questions are required, but the more questions you answer, the better your vacation will be.
Who are you?

I will use this information to contact you as I plan and execute your surrogate vacation.

Why haven't you visisted San Francisco before?

What is your Vacation Style? When on vacation do you:

When on vacation are you particularly interested in:

Do you enjoy traveling 'off the beaten path'?

Do you enjoy visiting popular tourist destinations?

Who do you talk to on vacation?

Where do you like to stay while on vacation?

Thanks for the memories . . . What do you generally take pictures of while on vacation?

Do you collect (for yourself or to give to friends at home):

While on vacation do you keep . . .

While on vacation, how do you let everone back home know how much fun you are having?

Anything else?

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