Vacation Surrogate

Visit San Francisco for free via Vacation Surrogate!

Always wanted to visit San Francisco, but never had the time or money?

Let me be your vacation surrogate! I’ll go to the places that you want to see. Take all of the pictures you would take. Send postcards to tell your friends and family all about the beautiful city by the bay.

I will visit San Francisco on your behalf after close consultation with you about your preferences and expectations. As a local, I might make suggestions based on your interests, but this is your trip. I will do my best to visit every place with fresh eyes, your eyes!

After your vacation you will receive a package with all of the pictures, guides, souvenirs, journal entries, and other mementos from your trip to San Francisco. I will gladly send any postcards/letters to family or friends who might be interested in your unique vacation.

If this offer intrigues you, please fill out this form to get you on your way to San Francisco!

Sara Thacher, your (potential) vacation surrogate.

email : VacationSurrogate AT

(Feel free to send this invitation to anyone that you think might be interested. This service is absolutely free of charge.)

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